Basics of Ball Bonding Process

Thermosonic wire bonding is an electrical interconnection technique using a combination of pressure, ultrasonic energy and heat to produce a solid-state weld. It is the most common method of establishing electrical contact between integrated circuits and substrates. This is usually achieved by bonding thin gold wire between the components. The resulting connections are called wire bonds. Presently, more than 95% of semiconductor chips are ultrasonically welded using this highly flexible and inexpensive technique.

Gold Ball Wire Bonding Process

Gold Ball Wire Bonding Process

Thermosonic tailless ball and stitch bonding is the most widely used assembly technique in the semiconductors to interconnect the internal circuitry of the die in the external world. read more...
Copper Wire Bonding Process

Copper Wire Bonding Process

Wire bonding process is commonly used to interconnect chips to the outside world using gold wire since its inception in the mid 1950 using thermo-compression, an application of heat and force. Read more....
Wire Bonding Cycle

Wire Bonding Cycle

The ball bonding process starts off with the wire clamp open and a free air ball at the end of the wire, which is protruding outside the capillary tip. read more...
Ball Bonding Process - Movie

Ball Bonding Process - Movie

Sample Movie -from the Free Air Ball (FAB) to the final Bonding Cycle


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