Die Bonding Tools


Die Bonding Tools - Die Attachement and Fluid Dispensing Tools for the Semiconductor market Manual, semi-automatic or full automatic die assembly processes always require a specific tooling set. The selection of a suitable tool is a matter of experience and knowhow. SPT is the right choice for pick & place tools as well as for fluid transfer through dispensing and stamping

Vacuum Pick-Up Tools - Rubber, Plastic, Metallic, Tungsten Carbide or Ceramic

Vacuum Pick-Up Tools - Rubber, Plastic, Metallic, Tungsten Carbide or Ceramic

 Tool Categories :

  • Replaceable Tips
  • Single or 2 Piece Construction
  • Custom or Special Application Tools
Flip Chip Handling Tools

Flip Chip Handling Tools

Due to the increased integration availability of bumping connection,
the Flipchip technology has become a popular assembly technique.
Fluid Dispensing

Fluid Dispensing

  • Static Single or Multi Needle/Hole Dispensing 
  • Single Shot or Programmable Dispensing Nozzle
  • Stamping or Pin Transfer Tool


  • Push-Up Needles
  • Die Shear Tool
  • Spanking Tool
The Basic Die Bonding Process

The Basic Die Bonding Process

During this last decade, the assembly process engineers and package designers have excelled in proposing innovative solutions to cope with the striving demand to jump to smaller and cheaper applications. Today, the market is blooming with new possibilities and the engineer must choose the most appropriate concept to fulfill his requirements. The task of selecting the right equipment is usually dependant on the most suitable choice of tools.
Die Bonding Tools Catalog

Die Bonding Tools Catalog

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